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TThe extract below is from the Cabinet’s ‘Future Shape of Barnet Programme.

Together, the Council and its partners will commission outcomes for Barnet’s citizens based on shared understanding of people, place and priorities. In order to facilitate this, Cabinet portfolios will need to focus on problems or priorities for the borough rather than specific services, and senior officer leadership will need to build on current developments with LSP partners, working across the public sector in Barnet as senior officers of the borough.



High quality service delivery:

With more services delivered by organisations other than the Council, we will need to develop strong alliance management skills and build on the Council’s effective performance management systems to enable them to have leverage across a network of providers. The procurement of a special purpose vehicle could enable the Council to bring in best of class expertise in these areas, thereby reducing significantly the level of risk to the Council and enhancing the Council’s existing skills and systems.



Member-service user relationships

Casework could become more complex in the proposed model and the Council would need to provide support for Members in navigating the system of service provision. Also, the role of ward councillors as advocates would need to be strengthened.

Basically I became a Councillor to organise and oversee Council Services as they affect the residents of this Borough and to help the residents of my ward with Council related problems, which even this report admits will become ‘more complex’  i.e.harder to get done. I did not become a councillor to outsource services and develop strategic documents. 

 Councillors outside the Cabinet , including the Tory majority backbenchers, are increasingly sidelined and prevented from having any effect in discussing policy as it is made. The Cabinet system imposed on us by central government , particularly as it is now applied in Barnet, removes all real checks and balances on the formation of policy. Council meetings are a farce with the opposition not even being told what resolutions we are going to discuss until the meeting starts. This is totally childish. 

This ‘Future of the Council’report appears to want leave the Council with virtually no in-house services and an overload of  ‘consulting with other ‘partners’ and to make our efforts to help our constituents ever more difficult.



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  • 1. Rog T  |  December 15, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Great blog Susette,

    keep reminding the Tories in Barnet what a conscience is !!!!!

    Rog T

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