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Barnet Tribalism

The following set of emails will show just how ‘tribal’ and political local government in Barnet has become. There is absolutely no recognition among the Cabinet of this administration that Cllrs might be willing to work together for the benefit of the Borough while still not agreeing with other of their actions, or indeed that Councillors are individuals not ‘groups’. Every Council meeting we listen to the Mayor’s chaplain exhorting us to work togehter for the good of the community.  That is precisely what I became a Councillor to do. The correspondence below between me and Cabinet Member Robert Rams shows the tribal attitude of the Administration. (The motion he refers to is by Cllr Jack Cohen, a vote of no confidence in the Leader, Cllr Hillan.)

From Robert Rams to Cllr Palmer, Following our meeting of a couple of nights ago, we did agree to work closely and for me to keep you fully informed on the whole of the Library review.I am afraid following the actions of your leader and group in saying that you will be tabling a motion of no confidence I am withdrawing this offer. As you said in our meeting this could be an example of the coalition working together – but the actions of your group show that this is only in words and not in actions.I did hope that we could have worked closely on this project as I would have valued your in put but the actions of your group make this impossible
Cllr SusettePalmer to Robert Ram Nonsense. I care about the libraries and will work to improve them whoever is in administration. I don’t have to approve of the rest of the administrations actions. I had already made it quite clear in public what I felt.
 Robert Rams to Susette Palmer With one hand you want to work with me but on the other you want to bring the administration I work in down. Simply you can’t have it both ways.Yes we have differences and there is no issue with that – but this, in my view, over steps the line.If you and your party were genuine in what YOU said about working on an issue like this as a coalition you would withdraw this motion.
 Susette Palmer to Robert Rams
 My feelings about libraries are in no way affected by the disgust I feel at the Cabinet awarding themselves a payrise. I think I made my feelings on this quite clear at the last Council meeting. Despite this I was and indeed am determined to work with whoever is in Administration to further the interests of Libraries in Barnet. I am sorry you dont  feel the same way. I am fed up with the total inability of Cllrs to think outside Party politics. I really cannot see why you are taking this attitude.  
 Susette says, “In summmary,I believe that Councillors should work together on a project by project basis across Party lines.



I think this is what the electorate wants.”


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Golders green library

Happy to attend Golders Green library last Thursday to celebrate renewal work including (at last) public toilet and ‘self issue’ equipment allowing you to self issue books in 4 languages.  Ceremony was followed by Programme of Storytime which my grandtwins enjoyed and an evening talk on researching family history for which we now have some web facilities.  If anyone out there would like to join the Friends of Barnet Libraries please let me know.

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Who cares about Golders Green High Street?

On Monday Barnet’s  Cleaner Greener etc committee discussed the draft Corporate Plan. I pointed out that Golders Green was not on the ‘Prepare Town Centre Development Strategies/framework for priority town centres and that it should be. Of the 2 Cabinet members present Cllr Melvyn Cohen (Golders Green Ward) dismissed it with a ‘the Cabinet has already decided’ while Cllr Harper (Garden Suburb) saying it affected his ward too suggested we sent a resolution to the Area Environment Committee. This was agreed. Purists may say that Cllr Melvyn Cohen’s ward does not actually take in Golders Green HighStreet but it must be the nearest and most used shopping centre for a great many of his residents. I was surprised at his dismissive attitude.

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