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OOPS! Cozy Gloves Pattern errors

I have been teaching from the book and despite beuing pattern checked by the publisher some errors have crept in. There is an errata page on my website or you can email me at


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Glove Day

I have been teaching from my glove book all today.  The students all seemed to enjoy it and achieved a lot.  They have asked for a repetition day on a Sunday in the New Year and I will probably do this.  It is a bit frustrationg to find a few errors in the book that crept past both me and the pattern checker and editor.  So anyone out there using the book if you run into trouble, do comment below and I will do my best to sort out the problem.

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Knit and Natter!

Book is selling well and those of you who are local and want to see it before purchasing should go to Hendon Library’s first ‘Knit and Natter day’ on Thursday 19th at 2.00. Brilliant idea for local knitters to get together( whether they want to knit gloves or not!). I can’t get to this one but hope to be at the next.

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The book, at last.

Book now published and available from bookshops etc. Cover price £9.99.  £7.99 from me (postage £1.50).  I am doing a signing/demonstration at Borders Brent Cross 2.00 on Sunday 22nd November.  To order send an email to  You can pay by cheque or Paypal.

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Book Launch

There will be a book signing for my book ‘Cozy Gloves’ 30 different patterns for knitted gloves and Mittens, at Borders at Brent Cross (the bit across the road from the main shopping centre) on Sunday 22nd November at 2.0’clock.  A perfect Christmas or Channukah present for a knitting friend.

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New Arrival

I have just received a preview copy of my book, ‘Cozy Gloves’.  Very exciting.

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Knitting Summer School

Just back from Oxford. Great Summer School and an enthusiastic class doing lots of different projects. I have  photos and will hope to get them on the website soon. If anyone out there is thinking about Christmas (or other)presents the website is worth checking for needlecases and decorative scissors as well as needles etc.

I have now got the proofs of my book which looks good-but is 154 pages to check by Friday!

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Knitting Book , on its way!

My Cozy Glove Book is on its way to the publishers-really glad that deadline is out of the way. I feel the need to knit something quite different from the 30 pairs of gloves I had to do for the book! Hopefully it will be published for Christmas.

3 comments May 26, 2009

Sheltered housing wardens.

The last Council meeting before the end of the Council Year discussed the removal of wardens from sheltered housing.  The Conservative administration remains adamant that it is not needed. It is.  The Lib Dem group feel strongly that it is a needed and valued service.

I understand that the Conservative Party in Barnet has different ideals to ours. What I cannot understand is the apalling way that they giggled among themselves while this serious item was being discussed.

An appeal to the Mayor brough no reprimand to them, just the suggestion that “Cllr Palmer should go back to her knitting”.

How did they get to be so arrogant (and so wrong).

7 comments April 10, 2009

Times on line scarf

If you are going to knit this you will need to crochet an edge on the loop ‘stage 2’ to get the effect as shown in the picture.

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