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Park and Libraries in Barnet

These are the areas dear to my heart.  Barnet has , this year achieved 7 green flag parks.  This is good.  For very unusual reasons I, as an opposition COuncillor, chaired the meeting of the committee dealing with parks, when we didn’t have any green flags,  and was able to get agreement for a resolution to go for Green Flag parks asap.  However I did not intend that this would mean taking park-keepers (also reinstated as my policy when Chair) away from other parks for large proportion of their time.  I do think that more attention needs to be paid to some of the parks and open spaces in the Borough and am putting forward an amend ment at next weeks COuncil meeting to say so.

Libraries come up at that meeting as well.  The Administration are proposing a voluntary reading scheme.  It sounds good but hope to get more information.  Meanwhile , in the minutes from last time, Cllr Coleman berates me for objecting to the disgraceful charge of £1000 for shops to use the curtilege because I complained about the cafe Nero’s cigarette stubs (they have since cleaned up their act.)  “THis gives us the power we did not have before to deal with it”, he says.  THIS IS RUBBISH. The ward officers (abolished by this Tory Administration.)were able, and did take care of it under existing legislation.  He also takes a swipe at my knitting.  Since my knitting is the most constructive thing to come out of COuncil Meetings as they are now constituted I can happily take this in my stride.

For those interested my current project is a book of glove projects.  I am working on a DK glove in Rowan Tapestry.  A simple but effective lace pattern.  For more about my knitting see


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Parks and things

Have managed to get agreement to cut down a dead tree in Basing Hill Park.  Not easy.  Council officials reluctant to say no and tendency to prevaricate.  I would much rather they said no to resident than try to shove it onto back burner then  resident and I can consider what possible next moves might  be appropriate. It seems as though staff may have been told not to refer to budget problems – which seems wrong to me if this is the cause of inability to deal with a problem-after all we all have to budget in our everyday lives – it is a question of how you apportion the money wisely.

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