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This link on the Barnet website still seems to be Mike Freer. Not efficient!  Is the new leader Cllr Hillan going to carry on these sessions?….and publish her expenses?


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Hopefully the weatherforcast has it right and we will have a slightly warmer week to regroup. It is no good Britain grumbling about days of work lost without making a very clear decision on whether to put in place the infrastructure to keep the country going or to reckone its not worth it and we should continue in this ‘makeshift way’ indefinitely. I am impressed by the way my local bus routes 102 and 226 have kept going.
I would like to see the pavements gritted as well as the roads and a clear directive as to the legal issues arounf responsibility if someone slips on your cleared pavement.

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Inept Tories under new leader

Last night the Tory Administration in Barnet was too bust eating and drinking to come back in the chamber for their policy item.  The Mayor moved on to next business.  This is not a good start for the new leader.

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Freedom Pass

Speaking at last nights COuncil meeting I dismissed the Labour figures intending to show that London COuncils are not being victimised in order to reallocate money to more fruitful Labout Territory. I also pointed out that Londoners are being hit by the double whammy of Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson’s 20% bas fare ruses and likely loss of Freedom Pass grant. However Barnet , whatever the cost to the Borough, will uphold the Freedom Pass for its residents.

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OOPS! Cozy Gloves Pattern errors

I have been teaching from the book and despite beuing pattern checked by the publisher some errors have crept in. There is an errata page on my website http://www.susetteknits.org.uk or you can email me at susette@susetteknits.org.uk

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Glove Day

I have been teaching from my glove book all today.  The students all seemed to enjoy it and achieved a lot.  They have asked for a repetition day on a Sunday in the New Year and I will probably do this.  It is a bit frustrationg to find a few errors in the book that crept past both me and the pattern checker and editor.  So anyone out there using the book if you run into trouble, do comment below and I will do my best to sort out the problem.

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Budget Simulation

Personally I think it would be a better consultation to ask people to list their top twenty Council priorities which would give a view of what residents find the most valuable and a query about the most annoying Council services which would tell the Administration where to make inmprovements. The budget simulator stuff on the website is to my mind not the way to go about the consultation.

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At the last COuncil Meeting we had to decide whether to stay with the current Cabinet and Leader system or go for an elected Mayor.  Personally I am not in favour of either believing that the old committee system where everyone could play a decision making role was far better and kept COuncillors better informed.  However when push comes to shove it seems to me that an elected Mayor is more democratic than a Leader elected solely by the majority group. However, as you might expect the Administration voted through the status quo.

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Knit and Natter!

Book is selling well and those of you who are local and want to see it before purchasing should go to Hendon Library’s first ‘Knit and Natter day’ on Thursday 19th at 2.00. Brilliant idea for local knitters to get together( whether they want to knit gloves or not!). I can’t get to this one but hope to be at the next.

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Easy Council

At Tuesday’s Council Meeting the Administration made clear that they are still sticking to this idiotic theory.  Do residents really want a Council run like a budget airline?

They also refused to sanction any real joined up thinking between Barnet Brent and Camden in the Cricklewood area.  However it does look as though we may get the ‘No drinking zone ‘pushed by my clleague Cllr Monroe Palmer which is very good news.

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